New paper published

The paper “From multispectral imaging of autofluorescence to chemical and sensory  images of lipid oxidation in cod caviar paste” authored by Diego Airado-Rodríguez, Martin Høy, Josefine Skaret and Jens Petter Wold, is published  in Talanta 122(2014)70–79.


The potential of multispectral imaging of autofluorescence to map sensory flavour properties and fluorophore concentrations in cod caviar paste has been investigated. Cod caviar paste was used as a case product and it was stored over time, under different headspace gas composition and light exposure conditions, to obtain a relevant span in lipid oxidation and sensory properties. Samples were divided in two sets, calibration and test sets, with 16 and 7 samples, respectively. A third set of samples was prepared with induced gradients in lipid oxidation and sensory properties by light exposure of certain parts of the sample surface. Front-face fluorescence emission images were obtained for excitation wavelength 382 nm at 11 different channels ranging from 400 to 700 nm. The analysis of the obtained sets of images was divided in two parts: First, in an effort to compress and extract relevant information, multivariate curve resolution was applied on the calibration set and three spectral components and their relative concentrations in each sample were obtained. The obtained profiles were employed to estimate the concentrations of each component in the images of the heterogeneous samples, giving chemical images of the distribution of fluorescent oxidation products, protoporphyrin IX and photoprotoporphyrin. Second, regression models for sensory attributes related to lipid oxidation were constructed based on the spectra of homogeneous samples from the calibration set. These models were successfully validated with the test set. The models were then applied for pixel-wise estimation of sensory flavours in the heterogeneous images, giving rise to sensory images. As far as we know this is the first time that sensory images of odour and flavour are obtained based on multispectral imaging.