4S Peak Filling

Kristian Hovde Liland has authored a paper on baseline estimation by iterative mean suppression. The paper is titled: “4S Peak Filling – baseline estimation by iterative mean suppression” and was recently published in the journal MethodsX.


A novel baseline estimation procedure building on previously published works is presented. The core of the estimation is an iterative spectrum suppression consisting of a moving window minimum replacement (adapted from Friedrichs). Four, easily understandable, parameters control placement of the baseline relative to the noise band around the signal (adapted from Eilers) and the flexibility in different situations. The method is especially suited for non-linear baselines with local variations and for resolving peak clusters in qualitative analyses.

4S Peak Filling

Full citation

Kristian Hovde Liland, 4S Peak Filling – baseline estimation by iterative mean suppression, MethodsX 2 (2015) 135–140.

DOI: 10.1016/j.mex.2015.02.009